Finnsonic Oy

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FINNSONIC Oy is one of the leaders in ultrasonic cleaning technologies.   One would think that all you need is a bath and an ultrasonic generator.....but in reality there are various technologies and configurations (high-efficiency submersible transducers, ultrasonic washing, rinse technology, dewatering, dryers, vacuum systems, aqueous & solvent systems, chemical technology, waste-water handling, etc..) ....and Finnsonic have some leading patents.


Finnsonic technology is employed in various industry sectors, including  ::  Aviation, Automotive, Plastics & Rubber, Metal Finishing, etc..     The company’s portfolio includes :


  • Single-tank systems
  • Multi-tank, modular systems
  • Single & Multi-tank systems for Mould Cleaning 
  • Spray Washing machines 
  • Single-tank systems for Electronics 


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