Plasmatreat GmbH

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Plasmatreat GmbH  is a German company founded by  Ing. Christian Buske, current CEO of Plasmatreat, who following  6 years of development patented the OpenAir Plasma nozzle & system in 1995.


But what is Plasma ? .......and what are the benefits of plasma ? 


Plasma is actually the 4th state of matter. For us humans on earth, the sun is the biggest source of plasma!  Plasma is indeed very common (not rare).  It is widely naturally occurring on earth, with more  than 99% of the visible matter in the universe being in the plasma state. It can be seen in its natural form on earth as lightning or as polar light in the Arctic & Antarctic, and for example also during a solar eclipse, where plasma can be observed as a bright circle of light (corona) around the sun.


Like no other form of energy, plasma energy has the effect of :

  • cleaning (removing of all clinging organic matter & particles) and

  • activating the surface in such a way that the surface tension is increased, typically  >70mN/m , thus improving all forms of bonding, deposition


This process can be used to effectively treat any material / surface which comes in contact with plasma, be it metal, plastic, rubber, composites, carton paper, glass, etc.. 


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