Cooling & Temperature Control

  easitemp 95 easitemp 150
Capacity for continuous duty up to 95°C up to 150°C
Pump 40 l/min and 3.8 bar 27 l/min and 4.5 bar


Easitemp 95 and 150 TCU

Control the temperature of your injection-moulding tools with the easitemp 95 or easitemp 150.


The temperature control units are known for


Innovation – Reliablity – Profitability


The easitemp units have been designed as a highly economical & cost-effective standard  temperature control unit (lower cost platform).   They are produced from durable components and in a corrosion-resistant body for maximum performance.   


Units characteristics are :


  • easy to use
  • temperature consistency
  • balanced pump capacity
  • high-duty operation