Material Handling

  LPD 30
Standard version max 180◦C
Throughput 15 kg/h
Canister Volume 9
Empty Weight 250 kg
Packing Weight 280 kg
Packing Dim. (LxWxH) 100x90x190cm
Total Power Supply 3.47kW / 16A
Compressed Air Required 6 - 8 bar
Compressed Usage 0.7 m3 / h


Maguire Low Pressure Dryer

 "Drying your resin in  1/5  the normal time, in a very energy efficient manner when compared to other drying technologies !"


The Maguire Low Pressure Dryer (LPD) is a patented technology which exploits Gay-Lussac’s law in physics - it explains the relationship between pressure & temperature, that is when the pressure is lower than standard atmospheric pressures, the boiling temperature of water is lower.


This fact is exploited on the LPD range in order to extract all moisture from within the resin, in record time between 20 & 35 mins on majority of resins and at a lower drying temperature !  



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