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Maguire DryPlus Series

Maguire's Dehumidifying Dryer DRYPLUS are available in the 14, 80, 250 & 1200 series.


Whilst all series are extremely reliable, the DP14 is the smallest and most compact honey comb dryer on the market which guarantees a 40%  consumption saving when compared to the traditional twin tower desiccant dryer technology.  


Maguire Dehumidifying Dryers come with:

  • high performance dust free dehumidifying rotor driven by a step motor
  • double brushless blower (process & regeneration) circuit with adjustable speed control
  • self adjustable air flow according to the production demand
  • self adjustable Dew Point control without dew point sensor
  • close lop cooling circuit
  • compressed air free


For more information ask our team to help you identify best Dryer which fits your requirements !