Moulding Accessories

Side Safety Curtain

Holzer's side safety curtains are used when there is a risk that the injected parts can fall out of the moulding machine during ejection. 


The ejected parts are laterally collected and then fall into a collecting funnel, a collecting bath or directly into a conveyor belt or into a container.  The curtain can be easily removed and have a quick access to the tool by simply unhooking it.



  • Holder made of aluminium profile
  • Easy assembly with special magnets
  • Sturdy special material which runs with the tool
  • Roll-up mechanism with special spring for continuous operation
  • Minimal space requirement between the tool and the cross bar



  • Easy fast and variable assembly due to special magnets
  • Easy unhooking in the event of tool (mould) defects
  • Gentle and systematic ejection of the parts into the outage shaft of the machine
  • Reduction of discards through the systematic ejection of parts
  • Cleaner parts and cleaner machine environment through systematic ejection
  • Individual version taking tool composition into account