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UR 3 Robot

Flexible table-top robot ... UR3


Yield247 is proud to have within its portfolio the UR3, which is a new, smaller version collaborative table-top robot, also known as a COBOT.  This reliable and flexible robot is ideal for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios.


The UR3 robot is ideal within various industrial applications, especially those that require 6-axis capabilities, since it


  • weighs only 11 kg, with a payload of 3 kg (lightweight),
  • capability to rotate 360° on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint,
  • reach radius of up to 500mm,
  • works side-by-side with employees.  


These features make this robot, the UR3, apart from reliable and flexible also an ideal and optimal assistant within various assembly lines where uniform product quality is required.  


The compact form and easy programming makes this robot ideal within various industrial applications especially since it gives ......



total cost of ownership low & payback period ultra fast !