Cooling & Temperature Control


A high-end variotherm unit .... Alternating Temperature Technology!


Such a system operates with two separate circuits that contain thermal fluid (water up to 200◦C and oil up to 300◦C) set at different temperatures.   Alternating between the hot and the colder temperature is accurately achieved via a unique valve station which is accurately controlled through user defined time-setting and temperatures. 


Optimised ATT systems normally employ contoured cooling channels. 


Benefits when using an ATT technology:


  • Reduced injection pressures
  • Reduced clamping force
  • Increased holding pressure even in areas distant from the gate
  • Piano finish when required
  • More accurate reproduction of surface details
  • More homogeneous orientation of glass fibres
  • Drastic reduction of weld lines
  • Significant reduction in internal stresses
  • Near elimination of warpage caused by shrinkage
  • Better dimensional stability and Shot to shot consistency
  • Can also be used on existing moulds