Cooling & Temperature Control




► SBC controller
► Booster pump for backfeed
► Direct cooling without heat exchanger up to 120°C
► Hot-water heating
► Vapour heating
► Plate heat-exchanger for highly efficient cooling capacity up to 150°C
► Continuous circulation heat exchanger
► Pneumatic mould drainage
► Control by pneumatic or motor-driven continuous control valves
► Connection for various analogue and digital electric interfaces
► Eco Temp system for cyclic temperature control
► Virtually unlimited hydraulic and electric options


Water Advanced

Used in the injection moulding industry, extrusion and other application areas, the Water Advanced product (the N-G and H series) are specifically designed to control temperatures upto 225°C.  


These systems are equipped with high-quality, multi-stage centrifugal pumps with a high level of efficiency, which contribute to further energy savings in the injection moulding industry.  


The units allow documentation of process parameters via the SCT touch-screen controller