Cooling & Temperature Control




► SCT controller with 7" touch screen
► Plate heat-exchanger for highly efficient cooling capacity
► Flow metering according to the eddy current method up to 90°C, according to the differential pressure method from 100°C
► Connection for external PT100 temperature sensor
► Connections for various analogue and digital electric interfaces
► EcoTemp system for cyclic temperature control
► Virtually unlimited hydraulic and electric options


Water Compact

The high-performance water-based units are ideal for temperature control during production of high-quality products.  These temperature controllers are characterised by a compact  footprint design and they also allow documentation of process parameters via the SBC controller.   


The water, which is used as a circulating medium, provides various physical and economic benefits, especially when operating within high temperatures!  


The TK Series control units up to 90° C

The K Series control units up to 160° C



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