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Supplier Testimonails  

“YIELD247 Ltd. have been our partners in Malta for the last couple of years. They have proved to be successful because of their distinctive enthusiasm to seek and introduce new technologies, thus giving suppliers like us, the opportunity to expand our export territory and most of all to bring to fruition successful  end-user experience to Maltese customers.  The company has the capability to identify clients’ needs, and to present solutions to them in a clear way.  Undoubtly this approach and vision has enabled them to secure a portfolio of high-calibre suppliers, and to develop a growing customer base of processors. “

Dr. Babak Farrokhzad, Director Sales & Marketing, Single Temperiertechnik GmbH, Germany


            “In the end of the year 2013 the Company Yield247 became our first sale representative for our outage protection products in Malta. Only a few days after the first contact with the Company we received their first order. This showed us, that they trust in us and our outage protection products. A great foundation for our business relationship was set. From the first order on we knew, that Yield247 was a great choice for our sale representative in Malta. In their second order they ordered a huge amount of side safety curtains which confirmed us, that our instinct that Yield247 is a great business partner was true.


From the beginning we had only friendly and positive contact with the Company, which lead to an amazing business relationship. Not only was the sale of our standard products on their mind, they also didn’t fear to work on special solutions for customers together with us to ensure that all customers are pleased with the outage protection products.


We are always pleased to receive E-Mails and orders from Yield, because we know that we will have a great working atmosphere and if there are any difficulties they will be solved in best interest for both parties. We are happy to have Yield247 as our sale representative in Malta and are looking forward to keep this good business relationship.”

Christian Illenberger, Industrial Management Assistant, Holzer GmbH, Germany